Soul Profile Reading

Know Thyself..

Discover and reconnect with your unique Divine Soul profile and learn how to express yourself and your Soul purpose for success in this lifetime.

With this reading, you will find out your unique soul profile translated from your akashic record, which includes your divine gifts and strengths according to your soul group of origination.

This reading will uncover how many spirit guides you have, what your soul specialisation gifts are and what your primary life lessons/general theme for this lifetime is, which you at soul level intended for this incarnation on Earth.


Do you know what your highest path and purpose is?

Knowing and understanding your unique Soul profile is so valuable and empowering. You probably have some understanding of who you are already, especially your personality and intentions, but having your Soul level gifts confirmed with an akashic reading can be such a wonderful way to reaffirm your choices and path in this lifetime.  It can also be a way of putting you on the right track if you are feeling confused or lacking confidence or direction in your choices for this lifetime.

Personal transformation is often accelerated when you have the knowledge of how to manifest your goals in a way that is unique to you at Soul level.

Taking new action on insights as you grow and evolve in your life, knowing exactly what it is you want, and how to integrate your vision into your life experience.

what is my purpose

This reading is driven by your intention which is communicated to me by you and your personal team of spirit guides, so you will always receive the information you need right now to move forward.

Upon placing your order you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm I have received your payment and reading request.  (readings are sent as an audio recording or via telephone or skype call on request)

If at a later date you wish to add the ‘Realignment’ portion of the akashic reading, (this is a reading to uncover and blocks and restrictions preventing you from expressing your Soul purpose in this lifetime) you wont have to pay the full price either, just send me an email to let me know and I will arrange this separately. 


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Soul Profile Reading £65.00

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