The energetic connection between human unconsciousness and the plant kingdom

The Tibetan master Djwal Kul, taught that there is a direct link between humans and the plant kingdom, man is therefore able to contact his own essential nature of Higher Self at an unconscious level, through plant nature and flower essence, and so energetically restoring harmony within himself.
Every true healing process is an affirmation of our wholeness, of our divinity, of who we are as complete beings, with our higher self acting as mediator between our Soul and our personality (ego mind) and the natural world.
Every symptom, be it of body, mind or Soul gives us a particular and specific message. We really need to start taking notice of these messages when they arise and truly make use of them on our unique journey. There are the energetic frequencies (or flavours of energy) which relate to emotional states and cause disharmony within our energy field.

What is our physical body reacting to?, what is Soul really trying to tell us or communicate about what we’re doing wrong in our actions or thoughts? What are our human senses tapping into and really trying to tell us? We are able to use our senses and intuition to pick up on these subtle messages and follow down avenues of wisdom to reveal insights into our Soul purpose and intention.  The 38 flower essences relate very specifically to emotional states and thought processes.

Energetic frequencies from the plant kingdom can re establish the connection which has become broken or blocked. There are many modalities which have the same healing outcome or result, but using the energies from the plant kingdom is, in my opinion, very beneficial for society in remembering and respecting a sacred connection between humans and natural world.
The flower essence method of healing is often described as ‘healing by restoring harmony in awareness’. Heal thyself is at the heart of the Bach philosophy, the understanding that as divine beings, we all self heal when we re-connect the communication between our Soul and our personality, so we can fully express our authentic self…
If the personality (ego mind) would work harmoniously with the Soul, we would be fit, happy, healthy people, connected to the cosmic energy field, being able to interpret more than what our 5 physical senses pick up….
When there is an illusion or blockage within the connection between these aspects, there is disruption, disharmony, congestion, friction, and distortion energetically. When this happens, these disruptions in the energy field appear subtle at first in the non tangible energy bodies, in our thoughts and emotions, before progressing to the material body and physical disease. Dis-ease, a state where there is disharmony. If the disconnection is prolonged, there will be more serious or recurring physical disease.

Herbal medicine or aromatherapy dropper bottle
Dr Edward Bach stated that there were only two reasons the body became physically ill, firstly is the personality not acting or making choices in alignment or in accordance with the Soul, and persisting with the illusion of separation.His researches led him to recognise that there were clear personality types that related to the various patterns of ill health, irrespective of the physical symptoms being presented by the patient.

And the other reason is that the personality ‘sins’ or ‘goes against’ the principle of unity, by acting against the intentions of the higher self and Soul purpose. (Soul purpose being, to express our divine nature in third dimensional human form.)
More often than not though, there is a situation where the personality merely misunderstands the Soul but in extreme cases the personality is completely only accepting of what can be seen and touched.
Flower remedies work by introducing harmonious energy frequencies without distortion, to re-establish connection between our personality awareness and our Soul intention.

Each flower essence embodies a certain Soul quality (or energetic wavelength) which helps restore harmony and balance energetically between all our lower and higher dimensional selves.
The human Soul contains all the 38 Soul qualities of the Bach flowers (flowers of a higher order). So when a conflict occurs within the Soul / personality connection, a Bach flower essence may be used to re establish a divine / energetic connection.
Put another way, the flower essence works as a catalyst, re-establishing contact at the point where it has become broken or disconnected.
Many practitioners tend to focus on the psychodynamic approach, and put a lot of emphasis on the psychological forces that underlie human behaviour, feelings, and emotions, but this can run a risk of getting too caught up within the confines of the personality and failing to reach the spiritual level of Bach’s approach to reconnecting the awareness and communication between our energy bodies.
Apart from the cycle of physical development we undergo in our evolution, there are also personal personality and Soul growth cycles we experience as a natural progression of Soul expression. An aspect of our being exists on every dimensional level, and we are never stationary in our growth and expansion of consciousness.
Our purpose of life is to pass through these cycles gaining greater awareness and realisation of the higher self as we go. Unfortunately the impulses coming from the higher self cannot always be accepted and realised by the mind, these impulses are the potential of the higher self attempting to express itself through the personality. Our vital force energy is blocked and limited when we create conflict within ourselves.

Righteousness without love makes us hard. Faith without love makes us fanatical, Power without love makes us brutal, Duty without love makes us peevish, and orderliness without love makes us petty….

We can identify which flower essence is needed or indicated, by narrowing down a series of emotional symptoms and personality traits displayed.

There are the seven helpers..These show us the ‘way of being’ we are stuck in..such as old conditioned habits. when we shift these habits, it’s like peeling the top layer of an onion, we strip away the conditioned behaviours and emotions which have created the greatest disconnection from Higher Self.

Gorse, Heather, Oak, Olive, Rock Water, Vine, Wild Oat (mainly repressenting emotional frequencies such as hopelessness, obsession, despondence, compulsions, supressed inner needs etc..)

The next step is then using the twelve healers, these are the essences which allow us to integrate our personality type with the Soul purpose in our experience.

Agrimony, Cerato, Centaury, Chicory, Clematis, Gentian, Impatiens, Mimulus, Rock Rose, Scleranthus, Vervain, Water Violet.

And then there’s the second nineteen – these are the remedies which assist us in our everyday emotional life challenges.

Aspen, Beech, Crab Apple, Chestnut Bud, Cherry Plum, Elm, Holly, Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, Larch, Mustard, Pine, Red Chestnut, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut, Walnut, White Chestnut, Wild Rose, Willow.

Bach bases the diagnosis on the law of the Soul, a higher principle of cause, and not, like all other schools of medicine in the Western world, on the limited aspect of personality and the sphere of physical action.

Physical symptoms are not used to make a correct diagnosis for which frequency is needed, but solely and entirely the negative and shadow Soul states that are the consequence of conflict in carrying out the intentions of Soul and personality which may well in the end lead to physical illness and dis-ease.  Music and colour therapy are based on similar principles of recognising the negative energy qualities, and introducing frequencies which will re-establish connection to Higher Self and Soul.

The key to healing and hapiness lie within nature.  The ability to holistically heal and re-establish connection with the divine, is, and always has been within ourselves and the natural world around us.  The energies that animate our consciousness are also within plants, flowers, herbs, trees, water, and we can simply use the energies from the natural world to heal and enhance our own journey of consciousness and Soul expression through human experience.

Do contact me if you’re interested in a consultation for using flower essences in your journey.

Much love and blessings.

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