Time to take responsibility!

Inner Balance

Human health is all too commonly placed into separate categories of, mental health, spiritual health or emotional health etc.. The problem with this is that it encourages people to focus on separating out these aspects of themselves instead of viewing themselves as complete whole beings and taking responsibility for their complete state of wellness.
This type of separation thinking also encourages focusing on just a single aspect of health, or symptom, believing it to be the only problem, and therefore totally missing the possible root cause issues.

Its important to recognise that no matter where illness or disharmony arises, it will affect each and EVERY part of our being as a result.
With this understanding, it becomes obvious that, if an emotional blockage is the root cause of a physical illness, then you would naturally want to address the emotional issue rather than just treating the physical symptoms, otherwise the root cause will continue to create ongoing discomfort, illness and further symptoms.

The root cause of most illness originates within our environment, energetically, as a result of our lifestyle choices and actions. 

And we are 100% responsible!


It seems that only when these negative choices and habits manifest into physical illness do we take notice, and even then, many people will go along to the doctors for a toxic cocktail of pharmaceutical medications to treat only symptoms, instead of taking responsibility for their state of holistic health and addressing the root cause of their discomfort.
The biggest problem that arises as a result of this, is that you do not gain ANY self awareness of yourself as a multi-dimensional complete being, who is responsible for your state of health; And to make matters worse, pharmaceutical medications just end up giving temporary relief and contributes to the toxic build up of unnatural chemicals within the body, setting you up for future illnesses.


Our Physical body is an amazing self-healing regenerating organism and works perfectly, if we provide the right environment and the correct nutrition to fuel these processes.

Our mental and emotional energy bodies are perfectly designed for thought, self awareness and learning, and our Soul is who we truly are- Infinite and divine, and together it is a perfect guidance system in truly living our divinity in a physical incarnation.

Human beings need to re-learn how to listen to and act on their natural, wonderful guidance system, so that they can not only recognise the root causes of illness, and imbalance, but also know the correct actions to take for healing to occur.

The human life experience is one of unlimited possibilities. We are powerful beings when we allow ourselves to listen to what our ‘complete’ being is trying to tell us.

As unique souls experiencing a physical incarnation we are all incredibly unique in our divine nature, and we are connected to each other and the Earth on many levels. Which is often why one course of treatment for a particular ailment is suitable and effective for some individuals but not for everybody.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ method of taking care of your holistic health!

Our incarnations or life experiences are opportunities for us to experience our uniqueness in a physical environment and share our divine self expression in multiple and varying incarnations with others.
Through this wonderful process of life, we are able to experience multidimensionality, create abundance and beauty, serve others to the highest good of all, manifest whatever we desire, and co-operate with others while we work with our own divine tools and gifts.

With no exception!, we all have this gift and opportunity, and its supposed to be FUN and FULFILLING!


If you don’t honour yourself at every level of your being, you are truly doing yourself a huge disservice.

Energy blocks and restrictions are created when we go against our divine nature, and physical illness manifests as a result of this. Our choices in how we treat ourselves and live our lives are filled with consequences which we need to take responsibility for.

There is nothing more complete to strive for, than the knowing and honouring of yourself as a complete being. It is so incredibly empowering to truly live and express your divinity by listening to that inner voice, deep within all of us which guides us through every step on our path.

You are 100% responsible for your choices and subsequent consequences.

Your life is NOT the way it is because of random circumstances. It’s NOT the governments fault or your family or friends fault or some other external reason.
Your life is the way it is because of YOU!

This can be one of the most difficult aspects of holistic life to accept, as we all love to place external blame for our circumstances, but as soon as you claim respsonsibility you’ll become inspired to take action and that when great personal shifts of understanding will occur in your life.

As we continue on our own unique path of learning, creating and experiencing ourselves in our unique life expression, we are continually shaped and influenced by these aspects of ourselves. And we have total power over our experiences with Free Will choices.

Make sure you choose well! 🙂


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