Spring Blessings


Well, Spring is definitely springing in the Northern hemisphere as we have just celebrated the spring equinox or Beltane, we’ve witnessed people jumping over the Beltane fires, hand fasting ceremonies, people dancing the Maypole and Morris dancers in the streets this weekend.
How have you celebrated the height of spring this year? You don’t need to attend great organised events to mark the occasion either. Each year I myself have a few quiet moments to reflect and conceive of new ideas with the intent to take new action using the powerful spring energy.


Traditionally Beltane (pronounced Bowl-tanna or beal-tan-ye) honours life and represents the peak of Spring. Earth’s energies are at their strongest, as all life is bursting with potent fertility, yet for those not wanting to get pregnant or planning a handfasting, what can we focus on in our own lives?
Beltane is a great time to bring hopes, dreams and aspirations to life, to take ACTION on our plans, to bring ideas to life and awaken our joy! Have fun and move forward with the passion of Earth’s spring energy behind us.

full moon

We also have the full moon in Scorpio on Monday, which will bring about the energy of inner truth, everything seems to be hanging on the edge at the moment and this moon will help push us forward into following our own personal truth, passions and desires and propel us forward into taking positive ACTION towards our goals. We will gain so much courage during this full moon and gain clarity to see our situations in new light to move us forward into change. There may be much tension as we have the opportunity to really test ourselves during this time, to put ourselves in the uncomfortable truth and situations we need to to progress,  but the rewards will come from taking action on your own insights during this time.
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Much love and blessings
Wendy x

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