Relationship Reading

Have you ever wondered what kind of past life connections you have with your spouse, kids or friends?

Maybe you have some inner or joint conflict you’re dealing with in your relationship?

Perhaps you’ve met someone who seems so familiar to you but you’ve never met them before?

Relationships play a MAJOR role in our personal growth.

There is always a reason we incarnate together and why we wish to share our human experience with each other.

Many people are currently experiencing the reconnection with Souls they’ve shared past incarnations with in this lifetime.  As we move through this transition of human evolution and become more highly conscious, we are becoming more drawn to, and even seeking out Souls we have shared a deeper connection with in the past, so that we may move forward in more fulfilling relationships.


This reading offers insight and perspectives on how your relationships contribute to your life experience.

This reading is also not limited to romantic relationships and partnerships either.  This reading can be done for siblings, children, parents, friends and business partners.

Its very valuable to be able to acknowledge any energetic blocks and restrictions that may be affecting the relationship negatively and move forward with a greater understanding of each other and what you both bring to the relationship.

Once you have paid for your reading, please email me at wendy@thecompletebeing to provide me with the details needed to read the akaskic records of both Souls.

(Permission is ususally needed by both parties for me to access their records. However for spouses, children and partners it is not necessary. For business partners and friends etc. both people need to give permission for me to read their record.  If you are unsure at all about permission do send me an email first, so I can advise..Its always vital to stay in spiritual integrity.

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