Complete Reiki Master Course

Usui certificate image Hello and welcome! Are you ready?….. You are about to embark upon an amazing journey of discovery…..

I say discovery rather than learning, because as divine spiritual beings, we already know, and have access to all the knowledge of the universe, we’ve just forgotten how to access it!

Those who are drawn to reiki practice often have a divine gift of energy healing at soul level. Becoming a reiki master is a deeply personal desire which takes you a step forward on your path into your own unique self discovery and personal spiritual development.

We all on some level have a desire to heal, perhaps this is the reason you feel drawn to reiki in the first place? An inner calling to bring the powerful healing energy of reiki into your life?

Becoming a reiki master offers a profound opportunity for personal growth and self awareness, it also allows you to offer your services as a practitioner for healing work and enables you to attune others to the wonderful healing energy of reiki.

The Complete Reiki Master Course offers everything you need to become attuned at all levels (including master level) and begin working with reiki today!

Whether you wish to become a reiki master for deeply personal reasons, for healing yourself, your family,pets or friends, or if you wish to set up your own reiki healing practice and business, this course has everything you need to start today!  I offer unlimited email support to ALL of my students via email. All course materials will be emailed directly to you upon purchase.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

The investment price for this training course is £120 and all materials are sent via email. (please contact me if you require a payment plan)

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