Reiki Healing Sessions

Distance healing sessions, can be a wonderful way to receive a powerful healing session without the need to travel or interrupt your usual daily activities.


Remote or distance healing is just as effective as a hands on treatment, and in some instances It can even be more intense and effective. (results can often be far quicker when reiki healing is done remotely) I can send healing Reiki energy to you, to your friends and family, to your pets, to your business, your neighbourhood and to help you with events, past and future … the list is endless… Each distance healing session lasts about 45mins – 1 hour, and you don’t even have to stop what you are doing during for the session to be effective.  (Some people prefer to know when the session is going to take place, so that they can relax or meditate during the session, or just sit back and enjoy the experience, but it is not necessary.  The reiki healing sessions will be just as effective if it is received during your regular daily activities). I will contact you before I begin the session to let you know when it will take place. The benefits of receiving a distance reiki healing session

  • Results can often be quicker than a hands-on treatment.
  • You don’t have to go anywhere to receive it.
  • You don’t have to stop what you are doing or change your schedule.
  • The session is private and no-one needs to know you are receiving reiki treatments. (it can be done while you are at work without having to take time off from work or other commitments.)
  • Reiki energy can be sent anywhere in the world, quickly and effectively.
  • Sessions are more affordable compared to paying for a hands-on appointment.
  • Sessions can be sent as healing gifts to your friends or relatives anywhere in the world.

What can distance healing sessions be useful for?

  • Stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional problems including bereavement, menopause, post natal depression, fear, anger and seasonal affective disorder.
  • Pregnancy discomforts, turning breech babies ready for birth.
  • Sleep disorders and disturbances, lethargy, low energy and concentration problems.
  • Nerve pain, trapped nerves, sciatica, sports injuries, such as damaged ligaments and tendons, arthritis, stiff or painful joints, back ache, neck pain, headaches and migraine.
  •  Cold, flu, sinusitis, and sore throat.
  • Digestive discomfort, and stomach disorders.

Distance reiki sessions are also beneficial for reducing symptoms of chronic or painful conditions such as –

  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • musculoskeletal conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Injuries

There really are no limits to what conditions can be eased and healed with reiki treatments.  Some conditions require only one or two sessions, while other conditions require ongoing treatments.  One thing I have noticed with my clients during the 12 years I have been giving treatments, is that reiki can greatly improve ones quality of life regardless of whether you are suffering with illness or not.  Reiki will improve your well-being even if you are not currently suffering with illness, and is a wonderful way to balance energy, clear energy blockages, boost energy and is a great addition to a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I currently offer single 1 hour distance healing sessions for £25 , or 3 sessions for the price of two!  (3 sessions for £50 lasting 1 hour each)

If you require ongoing healing sessions please contact me at and I can offer further discounted prices.


Distance reiki healing sessions

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