Raising Indigo’s


Are you raising an indigo child?

There are some individuals who have incarnated with a higher vibration rate than most human Souls on Earth right now. They are a group of souls known as Nihal souls who are incarnating on Earth, many for the first time. The reason the term ‘indigo’ has been given to many Nihal souls is the fact that they have been born into the colour ray which corresponds to the indigo colour of the higher consciousness in the chakra system and hold a higher Soul vibration rate.  There are other Soul groups with high vibration rates which would also be classed as having ‘indigo’ traits, so the term ‘indigo’ or ‘crystal’ children is actually quite vague and does not actually represent one particular Soul ‘group’..

The Nihal Soul group as well as other star traveller Soul groups (Blueprinters, Mintakens and Pleidians) are coming here to aid in bringing about highly conscious vibrational change to our planet. The Nihal soul group began incarnating here in significant numbers in the late 80’s and 90’s although some highly conscious Souls came to Earth earlier than 1980 as way showers, the earliest of these arrived in the 1950s and 60s to scope out the planet ready for the larger groups to follow.
They are very conscious and self aware and many are naturally intuitive and even telepathic. These Nihal Souls tend to be very self reliant, headstrong and creative and often do not do well in educational institutions where they are expected to follow rules they don’t agree with or understand. They question the status quo and the very existence of societal rules that make no sense to them, therefore you will often see highly conscious children experimenting and testing and stretching the rules as much as they can, so they can experience the true consequences.

They love to be creative and due to their natural intuitive and telepathic nature, they’re often drawn to technology, computers, social media, and creative software (minecraft springs to mind!) that they are able to create their visions quickly and without limitation, and connect with people from all over the planet instantly!

Nature and the natural world is very important to them, however the natural world on this planet is suffering and these sensitive souls feel it deeply.  They are often in need of guidance when it comes to deeling with powerful emotions, especially when they don’y quite understand why they feel the way they do. They are so sensitive that they sense the suffering of humanity just being here!

We see the world over, these sensitive Nihal souls being labelled and medicated by the medical and education system, unfortunately society would rather medicate and suppress these beautiful souls into complying with the current system, rather than take the time to understand their amazing gifts they’ve brought to our world for change. Highly conscious children are often labelled as either ‘gifted‘ or labelled with ‘ADD’ (Attention deficit Disorder) or ‘ADHD’ (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) but

These children are NOT ‘disordered’ the world they’re trying to fit into is!

Our world is filled with unnaturalness which these sensitive souls feel is wrong to their very core! And they act out as a result. Our world is filled with greed, corruption, dishonesty, cruelty, toxicity and manipulation, the very things these souls are here to put an end to.
Because of their willingness to question the status quo, Nihal souls are highly innovative and quick thinkers with a natural intuitive ability, however they can also be challenging if they’re not understood and respected! I know this all too well, I’m raising 3 Nihal children myself and fully understand the challenges, but once you understand who they are you can fully understand and respect their nature as divine souls.

The best gift I ever gave myself years ago, was to uncover the truth of my own Soul origination and that of my family.  I now understand deeply who my husband and children are at soul level, and therefore I am able to support them in their unique path in life, knowing how best to provide all they need on their journey into understanding themselves and the world around them more fully.

Highly conscious individuals, especially children, do not respond to lies or lack of integrity of any kind, which is why disciplinarian parenting techniques and traditional school settings are often uncomfortable and even unbearable for them, and simply do not work!  It is so unnatural for them to be treated with lack of respect, isolation and control.  The same is true for environmental toxins, they are natural children in an unnatural world these days and they are bombarded with toxins from various sources such as vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, GM and processed foods, chemical sweeteners, air and water pollution, toxic cleaning and personal care products, artificial lighting and artificial relationships and environments!  The best way we can serve our precious children is to provide safe natural environments for them to learn, grow and play with respect and understanding of their uniqueness.

Find out now what your child’s Soul Group is, uncover their true gifts so they can be fully nurtured.  The soul profile and realignment reading I offer uncovers the truth of who you are at soul level, including your soul group of origination and your primary energy centre and unique soul level gifts.

I also uncover any energy blockages or issues within the chakra system and restore the soul matrix back to its original blueprint for the souls highest path and purpose.

Just knowing this information about yourself or your child is so empowering and is a wonderful way to rediscover the bond you have with your child at a much deeper level. Knowing your childs unique gifts and life purpose is so valuable in being able to guide and serve them respectfully in their journey of life and discovery.

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4 comments for “Raising Indigo’s

  1. Julie
    June 27, 2014 at 12:32 am

    I have children who are Indigo kids and do personally feel pain and joy intensely. I think my point of view makes others uncomfortable as it is honest and not sneaky or two faced. Honesty and love is the way to save the planet and each other.

    • admin
      June 27, 2014 at 5:43 pm

      Absolutely Julie! Many blessings to you and your Nihal children 🙂 xx

  2. Kate
    February 26, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    I was fairly recently told I am from Nihal (or came through Nihal) in an Akashic Records reading. Since then I’ve been trying to find out more about it.

    Although I never consciously identified as being an Indigo because I was born in the ’70s, you making the link between Indigos and Nihal piqued my interest. Does this mean that all Nihals are Indigos and vice versa?

    Although I was very good at school and considered gifted, many of my closest friends were labeled ADD or ADHD. As we grew past high school and became adults, it became clear that although my “ADHD” friends had found school extremely challenging and disheartening, they actually turned out to be the smartest, most brilliant people I know! Just goes to show.

    In addition, without exception, each of them experienced addiction to drugs of different kinds at some point or another. This is very sad, and I believe it was rooted in irresponsible prescription of Adirol (sp?). One person did not survive this phase.

    Now all of us are in our mid to late 30s. Those who had drug problems have kicked them and transformed into highly sensitive, productive, and conscious adults. I’m not sure why I felt inspired to share this information; maybe it might help someone else who reads this thread down the road.

    Anyway, thanks for your article, Wendy. There is so little information about Nihals right now, and it was very interesting to learn that maybe we are all Indigos (on which there’s lots of information!).

    • Wendy
      February 26, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      Hi Katy, The Nihal group is a Soul group of origination. (Literally where the Soul first incarnated after creation) The place in which was most vibrationally like the Soul. For Nihal’s this is outside of our known universe. When people refer to the indigo, crystal and rainbow children, they are just referring to Soul’s with a high vibration rate, (not necessarily Nihal) but most likely. I have come accross Nihal Soul’s from earlier than the 80’s too! Nihals have been incarnating from the 1960’s, 70’s & 80’s however in lesser numbers than nowadays! There are many higher vibrational Souls incarnating on Earth right now from several Soul groups. There is often confusion when people use the term indigo or crystal children as these are not actually ‘Soul groups’ just an arbitrary term used to describe those of high Soul vibration rate and indigo within their aura. It’s not really a term I prefer to use though because it can cause much confusion. For example – I have read for sirian, pleidian and blueprinter Souls who have a high vibration rate, and would be considered ‘indigo’ but they are not from the Nihal Soul group. Although most Nihal Soul’s I’ve read for have high Soul vibration rates.
      Hope this helps in your understanding.

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