New Year, New You?

Spiritual healing weight loss conceptAre you setting yourself a New Year’s resolution this year?

Are you ‘that person’ who promises yourself each and every year that you’re going to work on ‘transforming’ your life and become ‘a new you!’?

How often do you actually keep up the changes? Do you keep up the healthy choices and habits you started on January 1st? Or do you fall on your face after just a few weeks? Be honest….
The reason we all have these great intentions but more often than not end up reverting back to our old habits, is because CHANGE IS HARD!!!
Energetically speaking it takes determination and consistent effort to change your vibrational state!.

It means coming out of your comfort zone and feeling the fear of doing something new, and sticking to something that may just change your life.

Your subconscious will be trying to keep you safe and within your comfort zone, self sabotage will pop up at every opportunity and every excuse under the sun will arise to prevent you from seeing through all these well intentioned changes of action you promised you’d do. It’s all just excuses…
Perhaps you should be asking yourself a few questions……Such as,
Do I really want to change my life?
Am I really determined this time?
If you really are determined and invested in transforming yourself and your life, then I invite you to answer me these questions….

How badly do you want transformation in your life?
Do you respond to your own intuitive guidance?

Are you aware that there may be energetic situations which can be cleared, that may well be one or more of the major issues that are preventing you from moving forward?
Your intuition will always give you the input needed at exactly the right time you need it – without fail..But many don’t know how to respond or even feel connected to their inner guidance system.
It can be incredibly tough for some people to actually have that level of trust in themselves, especially considering the society in which we were raised. Always being told what, when, and how by school teachers, parents, and a society convinced that conformity and ‘good’ behaviour is more important than free thinking uniqueness and individualism. We were raised to ‘be good’, ‘do as we’re told’ and ‘follow the rules’ rather than express our Soul’s unique desires.
Do you even know your highest path and Soul purpose?

Are you aware of your personal past life issues and traumas that need to be healed?
If you really are truly ready to uncover the truth of who you are at Soul level, then I invite you to take action today!

Finally clear all the negative energy that has accumulated over many lifetimes that may well be holding you back, including pacts, spells, bindings, negative entities.  Find out what negative energies and damaging habits you are still perpetuating in your life today that are holding you back, affecting your relationships, career, finances and even things you may not be aware of.

If you truly are ready for change and transformation….

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So for once, start the New Year off with a firm foundation for true transformation!

Much love and Many Blessing to you for the New Year!

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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  1. August 24, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    I’m thinking about tiakng yoga classes. I took a yoga session at Milsaps and was very impressed with how my body changed. Let me get over this rotten cold and I’ll get back to you. PS- I love your website!!

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