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Meditation is a wonderful and truly holistic way of ensuring good health. It is a great way to quiet the mind and take in positive affirmations reducing stress and anxiety. It has been said for centuries that meditation improves health and well-being, and scientists are continually finding more and more evidence proving that meditation does in fact improve physical and mental health, sharpens mental focus and enables individuals to gain more power over the mind, body and the emotions.
Meditation is a great relaxation technique, the body responds to both stress and relaxation in different ways, more specifically through three different systems. The autonomic nervous system, the endocrine system and the skeletal and smooth musculature system.

All areas of the body are affected by relaxation, so when we meditate we are giving the whole body, mind and spirit the optimum conditions for balance and repair, thus improving holistic wellness.
Among many methods of meditation, awareness of breathing (Anapana) is the most popular technique. Other meditation methods will also, effect breathing at some stage and a slow, shallow breathing can change the autonomic system, the endocrine and the musculature systems for improved health and wellbeing.
Studies have also provided evidence to support that meditation can relieve stress and has definite positive effects on hypertension and heart disease, and that beta endorphins and other opioid neuropeptides (anti bodies) are increased by the technique, making the immune system more effective..

Living mindfully or mindfulness, is the act of mentally slowing down and truly being in the moment here and now. Having good self awareness greatly improves mental clarity of our experiences, so we can make good choices in creating the life we truly want to experience.
How often do you run around multitasking and constantly thinking about the next job you need to do? Instead of slowing down and just being fully aware of the experience of what you are doing at any given moment in time.

Being mindful is something you can do all the time, even when you are doing simple tasks like the washing up, treat it just like active meditation!

Instead of daydreaming or planning your other chores, just be there in the moment being mindful of the task in all its glory, such as the feel and temperature of the water, how your hands move as you glide through each dish and plate, the scent of the soap, the tiny details in the items or the pressure that is applied to each item, and how your muscles need to move to perform the task, mentally shut out everything other than your present actions.

Pay full attention to your body and mind as you consciously complete your task and just be present.  How does it make you feel in that moment?
It’s easy to lose the power of joy and appreciation when you drift off from living mindfully, always living in the past or the future and denying the present moment is a habit that many of us have taken to doing, but living this way means we miss out on so much awareness of joy and peace.
Mindfulness is taking responsibility for our conscious choices and actions, it’s also an excellent way to reduce stress and the pressures of modern living.

You can be mindful when doing anything, such as walking, driving, eating, cooking, ironing, working, shopping etc.

The human being is a complex organism with many systems working constantly to keep us moving and doing, just think what our mind and body has to do just to walk down the street! , the way your muscles move,and how your body automatically balances itself with every step.

Living mindfully means that you are allowing yourself to be aware of these things in the present moment, being in tune with, and at peace with our mind and body.

The past and the future are only illusions, the only time that truly exists is the present, and with each moment our thoughts and feelings are creating our human experience.

Self love is incredibly important when being mindful of ourselves, and something many of us must practice. When we love ourselves enough to stand in our own truth and nurture our desires to create, we express our Divine Soul, perfectly.

It helps to have goals, aims and desires which you can regularly remind yourself of, such as a scrap book or focus board that you can see and remind yourself of everyday, this help to keep your thoughts focused on what you want from your life so you can regularly take inspired action.

Take some time out today to meditate or simply choose to just be more mindful in all you do today..

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