Lessons from the Caterpillar

At first, my experience with the tiny caterpillar was to jump in fear of why this little thing had suddenly appeared on my face before I pulled it from the corner of my mouth. Eek, how and why do I have a caterpillar on my face!? I wasn’t even in the garden, but sat in my sitting room reading and thinking of the future of my business and of the clients I passionately serve.

What I found most strange was ‘the cure’ song ‘caterpillar’ had suddenly bagan to play in my head just minutes before this tiny crawler appeared on my face…
I gave some thought to this bizarre occurrence and pondered the symbolism of these creatures, wondering why it showed up for me at this point in time..What do caterpillars mean to me? Why now?

I had also, earlier that evening pulled the ‘full moon of completion’ card from my oracle deck, representing a culmination of satisfaction and accomplishment or a stage of completion in my current experience..was I being pointed to the realisation of a deeper acceptance in my current transition? Did the tiny crawler aim to urge me to consider the importance of this current shedding of old stuff?  Or had it appeared to give me a thumbs up for finally going ahead with my new business venture? Whatever the reason, I was drawn to show appreciation.
Caterpillars are symbolically associated with luck and new birth, of sacred surrender and of metamorphosis and gaining strength to build a foundation for transformation to occur. They signify the start of a new venture a beginning of creative inspiration in new endeavours. They remind us to see the realistic obstacles around us and the need to shed what we have outgrown and what does not support us before we can evolve to be the greatest expression of our Soul self.

Without limitation, the caterpillar reminds me of the grand and beautifully unique expression of which I wish to share with the world, of the sacred transformation we must all embrace, in birthing new wings of freedom and empowerment.
It is also no surprise to me that today, just prior to writing this, I pulled the ‘Dragonfly – Emergence’ card from my deck..

Dragonflies skip the cocoon stage completely, moving from egg directly to nymph, in a rapid emergence of vibrancy thriving within nature. This for me represents such a rapid shift in awareness for myself, and humanity, with no pauses for contemplation or indecision…Just like many highly conscious folk, I’ve shed yet another deep layer of ego filled defences and let go of the illusions which keep us disempowered.

We are now more fully able to be aware of how to work with completeness of our being, to see the dissonance for what it is…Responsibility is being taken for the release of this old, even ancient ‘stuff’ held within Earth herself is being shed as we allow it to move through us for release and transformation carrying our own personal and ancestral blocks and illusions with it.
We are now ready to gracefully move into the next cycle of personal evolution and accept the rapid shift of power. We are ready to accept an increase in our ability to embody our divine gifts.
Now will come movement – Allow the flow, like a river of the highest self leading us to breathe and relax into knowing….We are ready.
Do you notice what shows up for you in your experiences? do you explore the reasons or symbolism in your experiences? do you notice a higher meaning for what shows up for you?, do you take the messages well or resist? What guidance system do you follow? Have you noticed the Synchronicities?

I share my caterpillar story in the hope that you too may begin to notice and take focused action from the messages we are given as a blessing everyday.

Trust your intuition…

Know yourself, live your truth and take notice of what shows up for you every day…for it is these subtle messages that guide you into understanding your experience as a creation of your own making..

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