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Just as we can become energetically imbalanced and affected by negative energy, so can our homes, property and land.

Negative energy in properties can accumulate over the years and attract Earth bound spirits, ghosts, negative entities, portalways, gateways and negative thought forms which can affect the lives and comfort of the people living there.

Just as Souls have their own akashic record, properties also are considered energetic entities in their own right and also have their own record which can be cleared.

By accessing the akashic record of a property or land, I can determine whether a property has been built on sacred ground, a previous battle ground or if there are any entities present.  I can uncover the past energetic history of a  property and find out if it is affected by negative energy and subsequently clear these energies to ensure the owner or resident is no longer affected.

Even if you do not own the property you are living in, and you are renting, you are still considered to be in ‘energetic’ ownership of a property if you live there and are paying to rent or lease a property or land.

If there are any negative energies present in your property, you may feel uncomfortable, grumpy, confused, unfocused, scared or lethargic while in the property or you may have trouble sleeping and people who are especially sensitive may even feel a presence within their home.  Children and pets may avoid certain areas of a home if there are energetic portalways present.

Objects within a home can also be found to be infused with negative energy.  I often find that objects such as crystals, ornaments, furniture or antiques which have negative energy infused in them from past traumatic situations which can affect the comfort of residents within the home.

All I need to conduct a full reading and property clearing on your home, is the full address and verbal confirmation that you either own, or are in energetic ownership (renting/leasing) of the property to be cleared.

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