Why healing is an ongoing journey of discovery.


Regardless of who we are and what we do, every day we learn a little more about ourselves, our abilities, our passions and desires. We learn a little more about our family, our friends and the experiences in which intertwine us all; and with every moment of joy and passion we experience, alongside moments of fear and chaos, we learn a little more about why and how we are actively creating our experiences through choice.

It’s an amazingly fulfilling journey being a light worker, not only because we are powerfully living our purpose and serving people on their own path, but because with each and every person we interact with, as we assist with their healing or intuitive readings, we recognise a part of them within ourselves. We recognise the oneness that exists within humanity and the Earth herself in which we reside. We become more aware of the differences and similarities within us all, and how our powerful free will choices shape our experiences in this third dimensional playground.
We recognise more and more how humanity is waking up to new experiences of understanding truth and freedom as well as responsibility and connection.
It’s truly an amazing time to be alive, witnessing the shift in consciousness that is hard to ignore, as ripples of change circulate around the globe and the collective consciousness; and as we step back from the chaos and turmoil, we recognise a deeper understanding of creation, polarity, balance and transformation.
We’re healing layer after layer of many lifetimes of negative choices we’ve made as we open up to a greater truth of understanding our multidimensional reality. Our survival instincts are over worked trying to keep us safe from the unknown consequences of our enlightened ‘new choices’.

As light workers at this time, we are the way showers; we are healing from our past karmic consequences of our choices and moving into the understanding of our divinity. This, in turn, provides the guidance and space or others to powerfully stand in their truth and gives them an opportunity to heal through the layers of their past choices too.
We are finally realigning with our divinity and grounding that divinity within our human experience for the first time in the history of humanity.

We now know – We are highly conscious powerful creators!
We now know – We are having a human experience and we are bound to all the third dimensional rules which come with such an experience.
We now know – That with each and every choice we make in alignment with who we are at soul level, the more we transform not only ourselves but the collective reality of the whole of humanity and the Earth in which we are experiencing it!

I don’t know about you but, that makes me feel empowered!

We are Divine

Perfectly imperfect and perfectly human too!

It also makes me feel a fellowship with all souls experiencing human life on Earth right now. We can easily look upon our past negative choices that were not in alignment with our Soul purpose, and have no judgement, just appreciation for knowing we made those choices and take full responsibility.

Much love and blessings to you all 🙂

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