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Herbal medicine or aromatherapy dropper bottleThe holistic approach to health, disease and healing is based on the concept of perfect unity of all things, and the utter uniqueness of every system contained within it.

There are many reasons why flower remedies have an advantage over other methods of treatment; firstly, being similar to homeopathy, the flower remedies act upon the subtle energy of the body rather than the physical body directly, and thus restoring ‘energetic ‘harmony, initiating and aiding in the self healing process on all levels.

‘Heal thyself’ is at the very heart of Bach philosophy. All healing is self healing, and flower remedies aid the self healing process by restoring energetic / vibrational harmony.

Illness or dis-ease manifests itself in the physical and mental/emotional body as a result of the personality not being connected to the great cosmic energy field of the soul, creating a disconnection within the whole being.

If is a disconnection from the higher self, the personality cannot be guided efficiently and effectively.

Flower remedies aid healing by restoring the harmony in the ‘awareness’ of our personality, so they can be used to reconnect us with the higher self.

Flower remedies can help to clear any blockages or incorrect flow of energy by reconnecting us with our higher energy or Soul level self, which is the true source of our energy flow.

Conventional medicine, (pharmaceuticals) act only upon a physical level, treating the symptoms with chemical and biological compounds, but not the energetic source of the imbalance or dis-ease. This method of treatment is not holistic and is almost always accompanied by harmful or undesirable side effects and further illness and disconnection.

Flower remedies on the other hand have no side effects and do no harm, so if a diagnosis is made and the wrong remedy chosen for a condition, it is recognised by the higher self and is not admitted into our energy system. Making flower remedies the safest choice for subtle energy healing.

Dr Bach concluded from his own experience with both orthodox medicine and work at the royal London homeopathic hospital, that, although two people may suffer the same physical condition, their symptoms and response to treatment may differ greatly, so treating the individual’s mental/emotional state is actually the key to true holistic healing and successful recovery.

The 38 Bach flower remedies are prepared from wild flowers, bushes and trees, each are the energetic essence of that plant. They are not used directly for physical complaints, but act upon the emotions which are hindering the energetic harmony of the body interrupting the self healing process.

What to expect when taking a remedy.

Some individuals may experience a steady and gradual shift over the course of a few weeks when taking flower remedies and others may feel a change the very instant they take the remedy, and some people may experience some discomfort when a backlog of suppressed emotion is released. (This usually passes within a few days).

Tailor made treatments according to your emotional state and behaviour can be given, rather than a single chemical drug or standard treatment which is one size fits all, and it’s quite normal for six or seven remedies to be indicated and taken in a blend at the same time.

Also remedies are not affected by strong aromas when stored (such as essential oils), nor are they affected by x-rays or bar code readers. You can keep them near televisions and take them through airport security without fear of them becoming damaged or ineffective. Unlike the delicate vibrational energy of homeopathic remedies, the flower essences vibrational energies are very robust.

As well as the remedies being very robust, they are also safe for everyone to take, including infants, the elderly and pregnant women. They do not interfere with other treatments or medications being taken, so they can easily be incorporated into any other methods of treatment without the fear of toxicity. In fact they can greatly enhance other treatments being given by restoring emotional harmony and reducing emotional pain, stress and anxiety during other treatments and therapies.

The remedies are made from floating blossoms on pure water in sunlight and contain no physical extract of the plant at all, just the pure energy of the plant imprinted in the water (then preserved in brandy, or apple cider vinegar if requested) So they are simple and natural to produce.

The flower essences have no fragrance or odour and no chemical activity. For those concerned about the alcohol, it is such a minute amount (two drops from the stock bottle) that is consumed that it is not an amount that would cause harm or impairment, (especially when just two drops are added to a glass of water). Incidentally remedies can be added to hot drinks and the alcohol will evaporate leaving the energetic essence of the plant within the liquid.

Flower remedies can also be used to emotionally prepare individuals for more intense therapies when they are not mentally ready to undergo certain therapies or treatments. They can create a more peaceful, optimistic attitude and reduce stress and anxiety about their condition and treatments available.

Individuals usually respond more quickly and thoroughly to other healing modalities and medical treatments once they have received flower essence therapy. This is because the flower remedies help the body’s systems work in harmony with each other and therefore more efficiently.
Another benefit of using flower remedies is that you don’t even need to believe in them for them to work effectively, they work on babies, children, plants and animals and people in comas where belief is not a factor. Physics shows us that everything in the universe is made up of energy and belief is not needed for it to be so.

When you order – Please contact me via email or the contact page after you order so I can conduct an email consultation for your unique blend suitable for your needs.

(Please also let me know if you have had an akashic reading with me before, as I will be able to access your record for guidance on your blend)

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