What does it really mean to be ‘Awake’ and ‘Empowered’?

What does it really mean to be ‘awake’ and ‘empowered’?

We hear these phrases thrown around all over the place these days, but what does it really mean?

What does it mean to you?

Perhaps these words mean something different to you than they do to me?

For me, most of my adult life I thought I was ‘awake’, ‘enlightened’, ‘aware’ and ‘empowered’.

Within my family and social groups I was always the one who thought outside the box, I openly spoke up about my alternative beliefs and understanding of the world, and I danced to the beat of a different drummer. I thought I knew it all. I was aware of the corruption and deception present within society and in politics, media, education and the healthcare system. I had a desire to enlighten others and assist in the awakening and evolution of humanity. I had big ideas to empower others with their awareness of holistic health and wellness. I meditated daily, did yoga, trained as a reiki master, I used my prayer beads, I assisted in the healing of others and studied the ancient and modern teachings of mystery schools in an attempt to understand more about the world, and fit in as being part of a new paradigm sweeping through the spiritual community. I was going to help ‘change the world’ and bring about the ‘new age’ of understanding as part of the awakening collective consciousness……

However, I’d overlooked such a simple yet vital aspect of information about our human experience. I knew my own body and I certainly thought I knew my own mind. But it was only when I began to truly know myself from the level of Soul did I truly begin to understand the nature of the reality I found myself experiencing every day.
I had discovered the akashic records!, and I was introduced to an amazing modality which enabled me to read them with a precise and disciplined accuracy that I’d never imagined possible, using a frame of reference to translate the energetic information from this vast energetic database, I was finally able to uncover information about the nature of the human Soul, and uncover information about and consequenses of every choice made in every incarnation since the point of creation. Now that’s what I call ‘empowered’!

I uncovered the history of my true self, my Soul, past incarnations, my Soul group, divine gifts, lessons, specialisations, and karmic information; and learned how to clear the negative energies associated with my past choices and remove negative entities I had become attached to me at Soul level, due to the choices I’d made in this, and past lives.  It was so incredibly empowering to finally know myself from this aspect of my being.

The mind can be deceptive, especially when the ego jumps in to keep us safe and within the boundaries of our social conditioning.  The subconscious mind can also have us chasing our tails with habits that no longer serve us, but the Soul is where we really find our truth.

There’s a reason my business is called ‘The Complete Being’. Healing and healthcare cannot be ‘complete’ without the awareness, respect and attention given to every aspect of the mind, body & Soul equally, but this is also true for EVERY aspect of our human experience!  We are multidimensional beings having a human experience, it only makes sense that we have awareness and take responsibility of our ‘Complete Being’.

body, mind, soul and spirit
When we are ‘complete’ in our awareness and understanding of all aspects of ourselves including our Soul, we can effectively make ‘choices’ in alignement with our divine nature.  It is then, we are truly awake and empowered!

I’d love to hear what these words mean to you, feel free to share if you wish.


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